Review criteria

In the review the referees are asked to take into account the evaluation criteria below.

Technical content

  • originality/novelty/innovation/creativity/contribution
  • scientific relevance/importance (research or engineering)
  • methodology
  • results, data analysis
  • completeness
  • technical soundness/plausibility
  • free of commercialism
  • prior publication found


  • structure of the paper
  • clarity of problem statement and objective
  • discussion
  • conclusion
  • quality and size of illustrations
  • clarity of writing, standard of language
  • references (number and quality)
  • title concise and informative
  • abstract (objective, scope, results)
  • adequate length


  • suitability for the journal/of interest to the MS readers
  • suggested type of article: research paper, review paper, short communication
  • recommendation: accept as is, minor revisions, major revisions with rebuttal, reject
  • overall quality rating