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Mechanical Sciences An open-access journal for theoretical and applied mechanics
Journal topic

Journal subject areas

The journal subject areas are defined by the following index terms below. These terms represent the keywords to be chosen for assignment of submitted manuscripts to individual topical editors.

Subject areas

Although the journal is open to emerging fields, it covers at least the following areas:

  • solid mechanics;
  • structural mechanics;
  • mechanics of materials;
  • mechanisms and robotics;
  • dynamics and control;
  • sound and vibrations;
  • fluid mechanics;
  • heat transfer and thermal systems;
  • machining and manufacturing processes;
  • micro- and nanosystems;
  • biomechanics;
  • geomechanics.

Techniques and approaches

The journal welcomes papers on various topics, including the following:

  • synthesis;
  • mathematical modelling and analysis;
  • numerical modelling and analysis;
  • CAD/CAE;
  • experiments and best practices;
  • optimization;
  • reliability and probability analysis.
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