Call for Associate Editors of Mechanical Sciences

20 August 2019

Dear colleague,

The journal Mechanical Sciences (MS) is an international forum for the dissemination of original contributions in the field of theoretical and applied mechanics. Its main ambition is to provide a platform for young researchers to build up a portfolio of high-quality peer-reviewed journal articles. To this end we employ an open-access publication model with moderate page charges, aiming for fast publication and great citation opportunities. A large board of reputable editors makes this possible. The journal also publishes special issues dealing with the current state of the art and future research directions in mechanical sciences. While in-depth research articles are preferred, review articles and short communications will also be considered. We believe in providing a means of publication which complements established journals in the field.

In our capacity as the journal's Editors-in-Chief, we extend an invitation to researchers in the subjects of "mechanisms and robotics", "dynamics and control", and "machining and manufacturing processes" to submit an application for a Topical Editor (TE) position.

Each TE is appointed on a 12-month probationary term to be extended to another 2-year term. TEs will receive a small number of papers each year (usually up to 10 papers) in their general areas of expertise. Successful volunteer candidates will be required to secure a minimum of 2 independent reviews for each paper in 5 weeks. We would like the submitted manuscripts to be reviewed in a rigorous and efficient way. We care about publication quality more than publication quantity.

Please send your CV to Guangbo Hao if you are interested in this position. The deadline for applications is 15 September 2019.

Many thanks for your attention.

Yours sincerely,

Guangbo Hao
Andreas Müller
Editors-in-Chief of Mechanical Sciences